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Bayern boss Heynckes returns fire at Dortmund

Heynckes suggested that Klopp had failed to show dignity after his side lost Wednesday's German Cup match and he later accused Bayern of copying others.

"When Jurgen one day gets the pleasure of coaching Bayern Munich or Real Madrid, he will realise what it means and how much it is a completely different world," Heynckes, who has coached both clubs, told reporters. "Maybe, then he will see things a bit differently.

"Bayern have existed for a bit longer than Jurgen Klopp has been a coach and have always had their own style of playing.

"It's very important that one knows how to show some dignity in victory and, especially, in defeat."

Klopp, whose side won the Bundesliga and German Cup double last season, are almost certain to surrender their league title to Bayern, having dropped 17 points behind their rivals who are top of the table.

Bayern have now rubbed it in by winning 1-0 in Wednesday's cup quarter-final.

The unshaven Klopp reacted by complaining that Bayern, whose side includes Bundesliga record signing Javi Martinez, were spending their way to success.

"At the moment, it's a bit like what the Chinese do in industry," he said. "They look at what the others are doing and they imitate it, but with more money and different players."

Dortmund beat Bayern 1-0 home and away on their way to winning the league last season before thumping the Bavarians 5-2 in the German Cup final.

This season, the teams had drawn 1-1 in the league before Wednesday's cup win for Bayern.