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Blatter: Vanishing spray to be used at World Cup

The spray, which has been used for several years in Brazil and Argentina, is designed to prevent walls from breaching the 10-yard rule during free-kicks and featured during this month's FIFA Club World Cup.

Blatter revealed that the spray has received a positive reception from officials at that tournament and will be available at international football's biggest tournament in Brazil in 2014.

"I think it's a very good solution," Blatter said.

"Some say it takes too much time and I was also quite sceptical at the beginning but all the referees who have used the system were pleased with it.

"The representative of Bayern Munich said that here they can take free-kicks with the wall nine metres away, while at home it's only five.

"It's a novelty, we will start using it in the World Cup in Brazil."

The vanishing spray will act as another aid to World Cup referees, who will also have access to the GoalControl system to help them determine when a ball has crossed the goalline.