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Conte controversy after post-match celebration

As the teams walked off the pitch, Bologna coach Stefano Pioli called to the Juve staff to be respectful.

"I thought Conti's celebrations were a bit exaggerated because they weren't aimed only at his own fans but also ours," said Pioli. "I told him that and it ended there without any problems."

Conte responded in a post-match interview by asking why there was not more focus on hooligans instead of his actions.

"If I can't celebrate with my fans after a win that is a fundamental stepping stone towards our objective [of lifting the title], then tell me what I can do?" he said.

"Why don't we focus on the people throwing stones, or people with children swearing at me. Why don't we show them? Maybe they might be ashamed of themselves.

"I'm not ashamed to celebrate, I celebrate now and in the future I'll celebrate when I want with my own fans. What is the problem? Why is it a problem?"