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Di Canio: Sunderland still need time to gel

The Italian coach, who signed 14 players during the transfer window, has guided the north-east club to just one point so far this season, and they sit bottom of the Premier League.

But after another disappointing defeat at the Hawthorns, Di Canio insisted that he is not too worried and that his team is still adapting.

"We have to keep going because we have 14 new players from many different countries," he said.

"We dominated for 20 minutes, even though we didn't create many chances, and the opponents scored from their first ball into the box.

"Then we lost our belief, so that shows we need to keep going. We must practise together and build unity.

"The team are still gelling together, it is a natural process.

"There are many players and many different languages so it is difficult to speak to each other. Unfortunately, it happened to me at West Ham so I know it's difficult."

Di Canio also justified his decision to approach and speak to the traveling Sunderland supporters after the full-time whistle, many of whom showed their displeasure at the result.

"I always go over to the fans, even when we lose," he added.

"It is obvious that I am the person responsible so I have to receive all the energy and this time it was negative.

"It was a bad day for everybody but I wanted to show them that I know what I am doing, even though it is difficult now."