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Hoeness: Relentless Bayern are favourites for DFB-Pokal crown

Dieter Hoeness is confident there will be no let-up from Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich when they face Borussia Dortmund in the DFB-Pokal final on Saturday.

Bayern clinched the league title this month and will hope to complete another domestic double by seeing off Thomas Tuchel's men at the Olympiastadion in Berlin.

The game is Pep Guardiola's last in charge of Bayern before he joins Manchester City and Hoeness believes that will give the players even more motivation.

He told Omnisport: "I think winning the cup is extremely important for Pep Guardiola, because he wants to say goodbye with a title.

"And I also think the players are crazy about that, because they are playing against the other best team in Germany. It's a prestige game.

"Bayern won't say 'now we're champions, we're satisfied'. They want to show - once again - they are the best German team, also in the cup. We can look forward to a great game."

Hoeness, whose brother Uli was Bayern president before being imprisoned for tax evasion, makes Guardiola's men favourites, adding: "I think Bayern are the favorites, no question.

"Dortmund will want to win 100 per cent. They have the chance to beat their rival in one game, they will be all fired up. But if Bayern have the right mentality, attitude and motivation they will win, because overall they have an even better team than Dortmund.

"In such a game it's about giving your best one more time, but the danger is higher if you play against an underdog. 

"I don't worry much about Bayern. I don't worry about their motivation. It's one game and a lot can happen. As I said it will be a great game, because two teams who want to win at all costs will meet." 

Saturday's encounter will be a final outing in Dortmund colours for Mats Hummels before he rejoins Bayern after the clubs agreed a fee reported to be in the region of €35 million.

Hoeness believes Bayern targeted the Germany international to strengthen their quest to win the Champions League, rather than weaken a domestic rival.

He said: "It’s a long time since this was typical of Bayern, to weaken a direct rival. When the Bundesliga was a bit more balanced this was an aim. Nowadays Bayern try to get the best players worldwide.

"It's normal that if you want a central defender, a position where the club has some problems through injuries, you want to have one of the best. And if this player is in Germany, you'll get him. That has nothing to do with weakening your rival.

"Mats Hummels belongs with the best central defenders. With [Jerome] Boateng and Hummels, Bayern will be a little stronger and that's exactly the aim. They want to win the Champions League and therefore you need the best players."