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I was followed in Naples - Milik details scary incident

Napoli striker Arkadiusz Milik admits he rarely goes into Naples and detailed a scary encounter with supporters.

Milik was signed from Ajax in August for an initial €32million as a replacement for Gonzalo Higuain, who left to join Serie A rivals Juventus.

While the Poland international is happy to receive attention from fans, one particular experience left him with concerns for his safety.

"I rarely do it [walk around Naples]. Football is a religion in Naples and it is difficult to move around the city in the afternoon when there are crowds," Milik said in an interview with Sportowefakty.

"If you want to go shopping, you usually do it in the morning, or I go to places where there are not many people – in the town there is no way to go around quietly.

"It is of course very nice to get attention, but sometimes you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle.

"Once I was followed by two scooters for about five kilometres. As I stopped at a red light, they knocked on the window to ask for an autograph. I was afraid they wanted to do something different.

"Team-mates had told me not to carry around expensive items, like a watch, because it would be unsafe. It is better to avoid certain situations.

"Fortunately, the fans on the scooter just wanted a picture, so I was glad."

Milik remains on track in his rehabilitation from surgery on an anterior cruciate ligament rupture, but will not compromise his future by pushing for a faster recovery with Napoli hoping he could be back by January.

"So far everything is going to plan. I have no major problems with the knee. It does not swell and there is no accumulation of blood," he added.

"I want to return as soon as possible, but I will not be in a hurry. I have my whole career ahead of me. I'll try to make up for the time I'm losing now later.

"When I am 100 per cent healthy and the doctors say 'yes', then I will come back."