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Man United pay most in agent fees out of Premier League clubs

Manchester United spent significantly more on fees to agents and intermediaries earlier this season than any other Premier League club, the Football Association (FA) revealed.

The FA disclosed on Friday how much each top-flight club paid to third parties between October 1 last year and February 1, 2016.

Despite their struggles under manager Louis van Gaal this season, United spent over £10million to agents and intermediaries - close to double of any other club.

Liverpool (£6,672,713) are the second-highest spenders but the Merseyside club still managed to spend just under £3.5m less than their rivals.

Manchester City were third with a total of £5,880,098, and then follows a significant gap to the rest of the Premier League pack. 

Arsenal (£3,135,483) in typical fashion rounded out the top four, followed by fellow London clubs West Ham (£2,691,331), Tottenham (£2,562,853) and Chelsea (£2,214,227).

Premier League leaders Leicester City paid £936,004, while Everton were the lowest spenders, paying just £471,400.