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Real football people appreciate Wenger - Moyes, Warnock and more pay tribute

Arsene Wenger's announcement that he is to leave Arsenal after 22 years as manager has led to many of his Premier League counterparts paying tribute to his reign.

Wenger's time at the Gunners will come to a close with three Premier League titles and seven FA Cups, while there is still the possibility that he could add a Europa League medal.

And while Wenger has been criticised by supporters at times in recent years, he has retained an unquestioned respect in the game, not least from his rival managers.

David Moyes, Neil Warnock, Mark Hughes and Paul Lambert were all among those to herald Wenger's work, while airing their frustrations at his critics...

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David Moyes, West Ham manager

"He's been a great competitor, a terrific manager. One of the best managers that the Premier League has seen. Real football people appreciate what he's done.

"He's dedicated to his job, he's been dedicated to his sport and he's a real proper football man.

"I thought I did well doing eleven years at one club, but 22 years is an incredible achievement, as it was for Alex [Ferguson] at Manchester United too."

Neil Warnock, Cardiff City manager

"He's the man who's changed the face of the game for me. He's given us so much and he gets so much stick. I've always said, over the last five, six years, be careful what you wish for. The grass is not always greener. [The fans] have got their way now, I suppose.

"He's leaving at a good time. He's made the club a fantastic force. It will be interesting to see who takes the job and how they get on. We've seen what happened at Manchester United when Alex [Ferguson] has left. It will be interesting. I think he's a fantastic manager.

"It'll be interesting, I think, in two years time to have a reaction of the fans and see whether or not they've got exactly what they wanted."

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Mark Hughes, Southampton manager

"For him, obviously he's got a huge connection to his club and a huge emotional tie to what he's done there. I imagine it's a massive wrench for him to leave his role.

"I'm sure Arsenal have got things in place that they're going to make sure that he's still a part of the fabric of the club. I don't think he's going to be going too far away.

"When you've had the longevity in the game Arsene has, and I've had more time in the Premier League than most, our paths crossed on numerous occasions. We had a few run-ins, but other times we were very civil and very respectful of each other's efforts.

"I wish him well, he's had a huge influence on the game in this country. He's a huge part of the history of Arsenal football club, so he deserves his place in their history clearly."

Paul Lambert, Stoke City manager

"I think the criticism he has withstood has been really harsh, I really do. I guarantee you he will get people coming out now and saying how good a manager he is. The criticism he has taken has been horrendous at certain times.

"He built incredible teams and they won a lot of things, he made a lot of players' careers. I just think he's been a brilliant manager and hopefully the Arsenal fans give him a great send off because he deserves that.

"For the Premier League, he has been fabulous."

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