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Samba wants ‘living hell’ for Arsenal

Steve Kean’s men currently lie bottom of the Premier League and are badly in need of their first win, while their opponents have gained a measure of momentum with victory over Swansea City and a draw in the Champions League away to Borussia Dortmund after a disastrous start to the season.

Samba, who was repeatedly linked with a move to Arsenal in the summer, believes Rovers’ only chance of victory is to deny their more illustrious opposition the chance to play their natural game and generally make life as difficult as possible for them.

"If you are a football player you shouldn't be scared of any team,” the centre-back told reporters. “It is a home game and it is up to us to make it a living hell for them when they come here.

"It is simple, we must to do our best to make sure they don't play as they want to, make it horrible for them.

"We are so unlucky to be talking about this. With a bit of luck we would not be here, we would have four or five points and be in the middle of the table, comfortably.

"We have shown we can play good football but at the moment we are not winning.

"We do look like a good team and we just need a fraction to be a great team."

Having only narrowly avoided relegation last season, Blackburn are currently rooted to the bottom of the table after failing to win any of their first four matches of this campaign, but Samba remains confident the club will avoid the drop.

"I am not too worried myself,” he added. “We create so many chances every game and play well. I know the quality we have got in the squad.

"A win would be very good, it would relieve a bit of pressure and all the talk but, from the past, you can see this is not the first time we have had something like this.

"We will be successful against adversity. Last season people said we would go down but we didn't.

"Every year it is the same, we are used to it. We are going to prove that is wrong. We will do it again."

There are reportedly plans in motion for Rovers fans to stage a protest march immediately before Saturday’s match in order to voice their frustration with manager Kean, but Samba believes such actions would only hinder the team.

"We are all together in the same bag so we need to stick together,” he insisted. "They should come and be with us rather than against us."

ByLiam Twomey