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Shilton never convinced by Allardyce

Former England goalkeeper Peter Shilton was happy enough to see Sam Allardyce depart as manager.

Allardyce and the Football Association (FA) terminated the 61-year-old's contract by mutual agreement on Tuesday after footage released by the Daily Telegraph allegedly showed him telling two undercover reporters posing as investors from a Far East firm how they could circumvent FA rules concerning the transfer of players under third-party ownership.

The former Sunderland and West Ham manager was in charge for just 67 days, and one game, after replacing Roy Hodgson.

Shilton, who made a record 125 appearances for England, said he was never convinced by the appointment of Allardyce.

"First of all, I think Sam Allardyce will be devastated by the news, obviously," he told Omnisport.

"I am not so devastated because I wasn't quite sure on the appointment. I think to be an international manager you have to have a lot of certain qualities and I am not sure Sam had the whole package.

"But certainly with the revelations recently, I think the FA have made the right decision. You cannot have an international manager who conducts himself like Sam has."

Gareth Southgate has taken charge on an interim basis for England's final four games of the year.

Shilton praised the FA for its handling of the situation, saying the governing body was left with no choice.

"It is certainly embarrassing for Sam Allardyce. I think the FA gave him the job in good faith, but for Sam Allardyce to get involved in this is obviously embarrassing for him and given the FA a massive problem," he said.

"I think they have conducted it very quickly, very swiftly, decisively, and that is what you want from a governing body.

"So obviously it's not ideal, he's been in the job for one game, the shortest reign I think of any international manager, but he had to go."