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Sullivan blasts Man United over late arrival

West Ham co-chairman David Sullivan has blasted Manchester United for turning up late to Upton Park, despite the fact home fans pelted the team bus with projectiles outside the ground.

Kick-off in Tuesday's Premier League clash, which is West Ham's final game at Upton Park before they move to the Olympic Stadium in Stratford, was delayed by 45 minutes after United arrived over an hour later than scheduled.

United's coach and a police escort were pelted with bottles and other objects on their approach to the stadium. The Metropolitan Police has since said one officer and a member of the public sustained minor injuries and that no arrests have been made.

But Sullivan was quick to lay the blame at United's feet, telling Sky Sports: "Man United should have got here at four o'clock.

"They know it's our last game. They had the same problem at Tottenham a few weeks ago.

"I think the police and officials have been kind. I'd make them kick-off at 7.45pm if I was in charge.

"I'm gravely disappointed, more for our supporters.

"What people forget is they've got trains and buses to get home and we've got a wonderful, wonderful show after the game for them. Many just can't stay anymore."

But former Liverpool defender and Sky Sports pundit Graeme Souness vehemently admonished the West Ham fans' actions.

"The village idiots who have done that have to realise these pictures will be beamed across the world," Souness said.

"What does that say about our game? Village idiots."