WATCH: NPSL goalkeeper scores from over 100 yards out on punt

The NPSL featured a must-see goal on Wednesday.

The craziest goal you'll see this week took place in a match which you very likely didn't see.

FC Wichita goalkeeper Mark Weir scored from about 100 yards out on Wednesday in a National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) playoff game. With Wichita leading 2-0 in second-half stoppage time, Shreveport Rafters FC sent everyone -- including its goalkeeper -- forward for a corner kick. The kick came right to Weir, who alertly boomed a punt from his own penalty spot toward the opposing empty net. The ball bounced just before the 18-yard box and rolled into the net, alluding a chasing defender and goalkeeper.

FC Wichita won the match, 3-0, to advance to the semifinals of the league's South Central Conference playoffs.

The NPSL is unofficially considered the fourth tier of the U.S. Soccer pyramid and mainly consists of teams and players which maintain amateur status.