ISI Photos-Mark Howard
21 July 2016
The Flash, expected by few to be great this year, are in contention for the Shield, and Jessica McDonald is the wild card to it all. Chad Murphy dives into the analytics.
ISI Photos-Roy Miller
16 July 2016
Jeff Kassouf speaks exclusively with NWSL commissioner Jeff Plush, who says something like the Rochester, N.Y., field fiasco "won't happen again."
10 July 2016
The WNY Flash and Seattle Reign FC played on a field ostensibly sized at 58 yards wide and 100 yards long...and it was a mess.
ISI Photos-Daniel Bartel
20 May 2016
Who’s underachieving? Who’s overachieving? And who is just plain achieving? Chad Murphy breaks down each NWSL team with advanced statistics.
Photo Courtesy Houston Dash
16 April 2016
The 2016 NWSL season is here. You should have already read our team-by-team previews. Now, we look at the players you might not know, but should.
Photo Courtesy NWSL
14 April 2016
For the first time, a professional U.S. women's soccer league has made it to a fourth season. We preview all 10 NWSL teams in depth.


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