VIDEO: How to improve ball control with Andreas Pereira: Part 2

Have your technique honed by the Manchester United midfielder and Coerver Coaching thanks to this drill

How do I set this drill up?

Place two discs 5 yards apart with a football in-between.

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How do I do this drill?

Position yourself behind the ball and perform the pull-push ball mastery skill, alternating between your left and right feet. Keep the ball under control between the two discs.


How do I progress it?

Get a partner to hold two coloured discs. They must move around in front of you, randomly flashing the discs. It’s your job to call out the correct colour, while performing the pull-push move with your laces. See how many times you can do the pull-push move in 30 seconds, record your score and see if you can improve it each time. Perform the pull-push on the move in-between the two discs (forward, backwards, sideways).


Key coaching points

Start slowly and add speed to the movement once you’ve perfected the mechanics. When you pull the ball back with the sole of your foot, make sure your toes point down to the ground as the ball makes contact with your laces to create the biggest possible surface. Use your arms to maintain balance and keep your head up so you can see what’s going on around you. 


How will this drill help?

It will help develop ball mastery with the laces part of your foot on both your left and right feet – which is key if you want to dribble the ball at speed. The progression challenges you to keep your head up while in possession, which is great when you're in a game and scanning the field for on-rushing opponents and teammates calling for a pass.

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