8 December 2018
The United States will meet Thailand, Chile and Sweden at the Women's World Cup, while Scotland, Argentina and Japan will face England.
ISI Photos-John Todd
19 June 2018
Kyle Martino, Kevin Payne and U.S. Soccer officials all weigh in on how to unite a divided landscape.
ISI Photos-Brad Smith
30 May 2018
Press' spurning of the Houston Dash and abrupt return to Sweden brought on déjà vu, but the USWNT forward's next club is one she knows has to be the right fit – and she's willing to search for it.
ISI Photos-Brad Smith
29 May 2018
It's that time again: another U.S. women's national team roster has been announced. How does Jill Ellis actually pick the team? She and B.J. Snow take FourFourTwo inside the intricate process.
ISI Photos-Robin Alam
15 May 2018
After one season of play, the U.S. Soccer Girls' Development Academy needs to iron out some wrinkles. And some clubs still see more value in the incumbent ECNL.
ISI Photos-Brad Smith
8 March 2018
Performances were a mixed bag. Injuries were a big factor. Two teenagers starred. What did we learn about the U.S. women in one of their biggest pre-World Cup tests?
ISI Photos-Brad Smith
28 February 2018
The newly created roles will oversee the hiring and firing of coaches for the men's and women's national teams. A lot of the rest is TBD.
ISI Photos-Mike Lawrence
27 February 2018
U.S. Soccer has a new president, and the women's national team will soon have a new GM. They will want to see that the Americans are ready to face top competition at the World Cup.
ISI Photos-Roy K. Miller
26 February 2018
A spirited debate has given way to relative normalcy following the election of Carlos Cordeiro. The new U.S. Soccer president would be wise to revisit some of these ideas from his competitors.
ISI Photos-Roy K. Miller
15 February 2018
After making promises in not one, but two elections, U.S. Soccer's new president will need to quickly take tangible action.


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