Articles by Alex Reid

World Cup mascots
15 June 2018
Since England unleashed World Cup Willie in 1966, every host has delivered a mascot – but they aren’t all equal. Who’s the best? And who’s the worst? (Hint: it’s Striker)
15 May 2018
Six clubs ended the 2017/18 season by playing their 1,000th Premier League games. Congrats! Yet when we tot the points up, where do they sit on the all-time Premier League table?
5 March 2018
It’s Oscar season, but not for these footy aces who were so wooden on camera that they probably gave their co-stars splinters
7 February 2018
The stats don’t lie: these are the Premier League gaffers who’ve got more wins per game than their rivals...
23 December 2017
No need to scour Netflix to find your ideal festive flick – they’re all here to suit any supporter, from ArsenalFanTV addicts to despairing Swansea regulars 
14 December 2017
Search your feelings, you know it to be true: every single Premier League boss has a direct counterpart in the sci-fi film saga