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Belgium away shirt 2018
4 June 2018
Huw Davies turns FFT fashion critic to rate and slate the threads coming to a screen near you soon. And oh, isn't he wrong...
World Cup 2018 group stage
18 May 2018
Cristiano Ronaldo up against Sergio Ramos, Mo Salah and Luis Suarez head-to-head, and Lionel Messi taking on men chiseled from ice – it’s the most mouthwatering first-round group ties
Eddie Howe
26 April 2018
The division's longest-serving manager is going, but what were the other 19 doing when he arrived at Arsenal?
3 April 2018
The 20 most lethal goalscorers in the Premier League this season, based on shots-to-goal conversion rates - with data from our friends at STATS
16 March 2018
Goals per game? Pah. An amateur measurement – only by ranking players via goals/time on the pitch can the experts at STATS really tell us who the Premier League’s most deadly marksmen are
24 January 2018
Seriously, though: what the hell were they thinking?
5 December 2017
Defunct club badges from Arsenal, Chelsea, Newcastle and more that we really, really wish they'd bring back (plus 10 we never want to see again)
Michael Chopra Tottenham
12 August 2017
Turns out Arsenal aren't usually very good at this starting well thing – but don't think you're escaping without scrutiny, Tottenham
26 February 2017
In only a decade, the video-sharing service has turned supporters into experts, players into memes and tricksters into stars. FFT investigates why...
1 December 2016
Huw Davies examines the Argentina international's record-breaking year…