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Articles by John Halloran

1 December 2017
It was a coming of age for Horan in 2017, for club and country. (Missed our No. 7 player? Click here to go back.)
Andy Mead-ISI Photos
12 October 2017
Paul Riley went to the limits of his playbook this season, instilling the Courage with a number of different options.
ISI Photos-Andy Mead
4 October 2017
The North Carolina Courage lost all three meetings with Chicago thus far. The fourth time still might not be the charm in the semifinals.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
18 September 2017
Players keep getting shoehorned into the No. 6 role, but the answer is right before our eyes.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
6 September 2017
The depth and versatility of Chicago's midfield are unparalleled, but how will Rory Dames make the pieces work?
Andy Mead/ISI Photos
24 August 2017
Making light of a new name, new location and stiff competition among the NWSL elite, 2016 champion North Carolina is on top again. Here's the recipe.
Robyn Walsh McNeil
31 May 2017
She thought she was too slow to play at the back, but as Vlatko Andonovski showed, the former midfielder's skill has become an asset in the Blues' central defense.
ISI Photos-Daniel Bartel
25 April 2017
The Red Stars have tried Christen Press as a No. 10, but she's back up top, where she belongs - for now.
Daniel Bartel-ISI Photos
13 April 2017
Youth development, particularly in his own background, has Chicago's head coach charting a different course to NWSL success.