Articles by Tom Wiggins

Peter Enckelman Birmingham
13 April 2018
From simple miskicks to baffling brain farts, Tom Wiggins picks some of the most memorable days to forget for the men between the sticks
Hull Flamingo Land
29 January 2018
From Scottish indie bands to entire countries: not all clubs are sponsored by betting companies. Tom Wiggins picks out some of the strangest
18 November 2017
The balance of power has shifted in north London over the past few seasons – but how much so according to our team? Tom Wiggins tries his hand at tinkering
FIFA 18 hidden gems
13 November 2017
Want some sexy talent but don't have the funds to pay for it? Tom Wiggins has done the scouting, so you don’t have to
24 September 2016
Because it’s not just Man Red and Kirksburgh City these days …
5 October 2015
FIFA 16 might still be parading most of the silverware but Tom Wiggins believes this year PES 2016 offers a genuine alternative for the first time in a generation…