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Marvin Sordell England under-21
27 March 2019
Our columnist played in the infamous 2012 England Under-21 match against Serbia, when Three Lions youngsters faced a barrage of abuse from home fans. After yet more sorry scenes in midweek, what now?   
Marvin Sordell
20 March 2019
It's easy to assume that those who make it through academies have done so without a hitch; by just always being the best kids around. In his latest column, Marvin reveals that the truth is everything but...
Marvin Sordell depression
7 March 2019
In his latest unghosted column, Marvin reflects on his struggles with mental health – and how he's now trying to help others battle theirs
18 February 2019
In his latest unghosted story for, Marvin explains why players need an identity outside of football – and how one club tried to prevent him taking up other interests while he struggled with depression
Marvin Sordell, Bolton
30 January 2019
In his latest unghosted story for, Marvin reflects on his 2012 transfer to then-Premier League Bolton – the potential dream move that didn't pan out as hoped 
Marvin Sordell
14 January 2019
In his brand new, unghosted series on, the Burton Albion and former England U21 striker discusses the often-complicated dynamic between supporters and stars – a give and take process on both sides