Matt Piper Leicester
8 March 2019
In 2002, Matt Piper was on top of the world – club history made at Leicester, and a multimillion-pound move to Sunderland as his reward. But then his life took a darker turn for the worse
Barnsley FC
22 February 2019
Ben Hackney has been a talent-spotter at Barnsley for almost five years, helping the Tykes identify the likes of Alfie Mawson, Kieffer Moore and, well, more. He tells FFT how his team get it done… 
Gary Lineker, Paul Armstrong Match of the Day
15 February 2019
Paul Armstrong edited British sport’s most beloved TV show for 16 years, and tells Conor Pope about the pitfalls of running orders, progressive punditry… and a hungover Alan Hansen 
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