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Behrami inspired by Romania

Valon Behrami believes Switzerland could learn a thing or two from Romania ahead of the sides' Group A meeting at Euro 2016.

Switzerland were 1-0 winners despite a fitful showing against Albania in their first match, while Romania were unfortunate to go down 2-1 to hosts France in the tournament opener.

Anghel Iordanescu's team boasted a miserly defensive record in qualification, with eight clean sheets from 10 matches, and Behrami believes elements of that steeliness allayed to Switzerland's more lavish creative qualities would be a winning combination.

"Romania is a very well organised team and their strength is they fight for each other every minute," the Watford midfielder told a pre-match news conference at the Parc des Princes.

"That's a big quality in a tournament like this. When you see a team battle like Romania it can be an inspiration for us.

"If we do the same game like them it can be good because up front we have more quality than them.

"They work for each other and it's a great quality for a team."

Behrami suggested an intense build-up to the Albania match - an emotionally charged occasion due to the close ethnic links between the two squads - might have stifled Switzerland and he hopes Wednesday's match in Paris can have a liberating effect.

"We saw that against Albania there was almost too much pressure and that can be negative," he said. "You need to control that.

"We were able to take home the three points but we didn't exactly play brilliantly."

Speaking alongside Behrami, Switzerland defender Johan Djourou added: "The first match was a unique fixture for us but ultimately we won it. That does give you a touch of self-confidence.

"I think the fact that we won a game that was not necessarily easy and one we didn't play well in is good for the team's morale."