Asics’ latest football boot promises to elevate your game in more ways than one

A female footballer wearing Asics football boots striking a ball
(Image credit: Asics)

Asics have launched an innovative new boot that promises to reduce strain on players’ legs, and at the same time allow for faster in-game transitions.

At the heart of the new model is ‘HG5mm’ technology which reduces the load on the calf muscle. It’s a unique feature that elevates the foot position and, in a game of margins, could provide a split second advantage over an opponent. 

Their lightweight boot is catered for fast, explosive performance. The heel has a unique 5mm heel raise integrated into it which both alleviates strain on the calf muscle and enables players to transition and ‘toe-off’ with greater ease, and speed.

Blue Asics Swift Strike football boots

(Image credit: Asics)

When Asics say these boots could elevate your game, the meaning is two-fold.

The whole design is a collaborative piece of work between Australian football players and sports medical experts. Enhanced comfort and fast and agile performance is the end product.

Asics products are often championed by physiotherapists and that was how A-League star Nick Ansell was introduced to the brand.

“I’ve previously suffered from an Achilles injury and Asics were highly recommended,” explains Ansell. “The heel gradient integrated into the boot has really helped relieve strain on my legs and since switching to Asics I haven't had any problems with my feet or lower limbs.”

Pink Asics football boot on a football

(Image credit: Asics)

Asics recent partnerships with A-League clubs Melbourne Victory, Adelaide United and Western United has cemented its commitment to the game in Australia and will allow for further collaboration with clubs and players on the design and development of these best-in-class boots.

Asics worked with Dr Chris Bishop from The Biomechanics Lab Adelaide, South Australia, during testing of the Swift Strike. He explains “our main consideration was to ensure that the boot was able to offer a close-to-the-ground feel, which football players prefer, with the added benefit of 5mm heel raise technology. “This heel raise helps improve comfort whilst reducing the load on the calf muscle in game.”

Blue Asics Swift Strike boot

(Image credit: Asics)

Asics’ Oceania Managing Director, Mark Brunton, confirmed that the boot was the end product of several years’ work by the brand. “We’re hugely proud of the product we’ve created. Our aim was to push the boundaries of footwear design and athletic performance, and we’re delighted with the finished product of a super-advanced football boot that will support Australia’s present and future stars.”

The SWIFT STRIKE is a unisex football boot available in sizes 6-13 and launches in two colourways; hot pink/ black and aquarium/ pure silver. SHOP NOW

Price: $280 RRP

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