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We started in the UK, but now we're all over the world. Behold FourFourTwo's global bootprint

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FourFourTwo began life in 1994 as a magazine, but now we're much more than that. As well as the hub site of we have bespoke locales across the globe, and we also partner with other sites to bring our respected, award-winning journalism to a worldwide audience of millions.

The FourFourTwo Network

FourFourTwo UK / hub site
Site: and magazine
Contact: Joe Brewin, UK Digital Editor

FourFourTwo partners

FourFourTwo Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore
Contact: James Marley, Editor-in-chief, Fox Sports Asia

FourFourTwo Netherlands
Print magazine
Contact:  Yoeri Van Den Busken, Editor-in-chief

FourFourTwo Denmark (Aller Media)
Syndicated content in Pling Lite app
Contact: Mike Skyte, Commercial Partnership Manager

FourFourTwo France (Wanaka)
Print magazine and site:
Contact: Arnaud Grangier, Editor

FourFourTwo Hungary (Mediaworks)
Contact: György Szollosi, Editor-in-Chief

FourFourTwo Japan
Syndicated content in World Soccer King (print)
Contact: Yumiko Yasugi

FourFourTwo Kenya (
Print magazine and site:
Contact: Jeff Kinyanjui, Editor-in-Chief

FourFourTwo Korea (Byutt)
Print magazine and site:
Contact: Jaemin Hong, Editor-in-Chief

FourFourTwo Nigeria (SoccerNet NG)
Contact: Biyi Akangbe, Editor

FourFourTwo Norway (
Site: and magazine
Contact: Christian Monge Hugsted, Editor-in-Chief

FourFourTwo Poland (Arksom)
Site: (coming soon) and magazine
Contact: Wojciech Szaniawski or Bartosz Król

FourFourTwo South Africa (Highbury Media)
Print magazine and site
Contact: Tony Walker, Managing Director

FourFourTwo Spain (Motorpress Ibérica)
Contact: Fran Chico, Managing Director

FourFourTwo Turkey (
Site: and print magazine
Contact: Hilal Gülyurt, Chief Editor

If you are interested in more information on joining FourFourTwo's network or becoming a publishing partner, please contact Ian Porter.