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Draxler keen for Real Madrid challenge

Wolfsburg star Julian Draxler is happy to remain on the Champions League stage ahead of a quarter-final clash with Real Madrid.

Draxler and Co. have struggled domestically as they prepare to host La Liga giants Madrid on Wednesday.

Wolfsburg are winless in their past three Bundesliga matches, losing two of those to languishing in eighth position and seven points adrift of the Champions League places.

Despite the team's less than inspiring league form, Draxler is relishing the showdown with Madrid.

"Our season in the Bundesliga is not good. We are not very happy about the table at the moment, but in the Champions League we managed to go through the group stage against Manchester United, so we are happy with what we did in the Champions League but in the Bundesliga we have not been good enough this season," he said.

"When I saw that we were playing Madrid I was very happy because last year I couldn't play [with Schalke] because I was injured and the year before we lost something like 9-2.

"So this time I want to do better, I'm in better form, I'm more confident on the pitch.

"This season against Real I want to show that we are a good team and I am a good player. [Wolfsburg have to] defend well and attack well.

"It's not enough to stand in front of your own goal and just defend, defend, defend. Real are a team that can score at any stadium in the world so we need to attack too.

"We need to create our own chances and maybe something can happen."

Draxler said he would be calling on advice from former Schalke team-mate Raul - a Real Madrid great who played over 700 games for the 10-time European Champions - in preparing for the game.

"For me, he was the biggest player I ever played with," he said.

"His time at Real Madrid was amazing – also at Schalke what he did for the club was superb. For me he is more than just a team-mate, we are friends and we are still in touch sometimes.

"I'm sure he'll watch the games against Wolfburg.

"There was one thing I asked him about, 'what's the best thing to do in front of a goalkeeper?'

"He likes to chip! In this season in the Champions League I scored one of his goals against Gent.

"It was good advice ... when the goalkeeper comes close you just have to chip the ball."