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Video: Pogba's perfectly pointless party piece perplexes Saint-Etienne

If we were asked to define a true piece of showboating, we might note that it's a gloriously pointless piece of skill which doesn't affect the game but still makes you gape in awe.

Such was the case with Manchester United were already 4-0 up on aggregate in the Europa League second leg against Saint-Etienne. And with the game coming to a close, Pogba decided it was time to whip out a party trick.

With his back turned to the former Cardiff City defender Kevin Theophile-Catherine, France international Pogba proceeded to smack the ball down with a hard bounce on his first touch, which consequently went over his opponent, before he then nodded the ball back into his own path.

It’s quite sensational, and definitely worth a few seconds of your time if you missed it on Wednesday - which you probably did.

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