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'Mr Manchester United' with forehead crest tattoo visits Carrington training ground

The man formerly known as Marin Zdravkov was inspired to change his name after witnessing Manchester United win the Champions League in 1999.

He entered what would become a 15-year legal battle, featuring 17 court appearances, to combine his own name with that of the club. So now, his passport reads as Manchester Zdravkov Levidzhov-United.

In a previous interview, he has recalled how his father would steal a television signal from neighbouring Romania to watch old First Division matches in the '70s.  

“Back then, in the Communism era, if I had told someone that I would like to rename myself after a football club from the ‘evil’ captialistic world they would have certainly put me in jail,” he told the Manchester Evening News

So, ahead of Manchester United's game against West Brom at Old Trafford on Saturday, Mr United travelled from his hometown of Svishtov to Manchester United's Carrington training ground.

Well, the outside of it anyway – unfortunately he didn't get the opportunity to meet any of the players, but we're sure he enjoyed his day out nonetheless.

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