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Shane Long: Leading from the front

As more and more teams opt for a one-man attack, the striker who gets the nod will need to possess all the key skills to hold up the ball, get in behind defenders and – here’s the most important bit – put the ball in the back of the net.

Hull City’s Shane Long has excelled in this role, using his pace to stretch defenders as well as his strength and touch to bring his teammates into the game.

After enjoying an impressive debut campaign at the Hawthorns, Long admits that the transition from quick forward to lone-striker took some getting used to.

“If you stand in front of a defender it’s much easier for them to mark you,” he tells FFT.

“I’ve learned the hard way to stand behind them, offside, and break back onside as the ball is being played. It’s something you need to work at – it doesn’t come easily.”

In the video above Long shares his three tips to lead the line effectively.

Shane wears Puma’s v1.11 boot. See

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