ISI Photos-Andy Mead
4 October 2017
The North Carolina Courage lost all three meetings with Chicago thus far. The fourth time still might not be the charm in the semifinals.
Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports
6 September 2017
One of the cornerstones of the NWSL's top team just might be able to do a similar job for th
Courtesy of USL
25 August 2017
The beautiful game is thriving across North America, even outside the big cities and established MLS markets. Here are a few overlooked hotbeds.
Andy Mead/ISI Photos
24 August 2017
Making light of a new name, new location and stiff competition among the NWSL elite, 2016 champion North Carolina is on top again. Here's the recipe.
Press Association
8 August 2017
Sometimes, you have to dream a little. Budgets are tight in NWSL, but these players would be welcome additions.
Daniel Bartel-ISI Photos
4 August 2017
Go ahead. Name a more iconic duo. We'll wait.
ISI Photos-Stephen Brashear
3 August 2017
Goalkeeper diving headers, hat tricks and nine-goal thrillers. Are you not entertained?!
ISI Photos-Andy Mead
20 July 2017
McCall Zerboni isn't who you think she is — not if you judge her solely by what she does on the field.
ISI Photos-Trask Smith
7 July 2017
Last season's NWSL awards were dominated by uncertainty. This year, the stars are out once again.
ISI Photos-Robyn W. McNeil
1 June 2017
The next World Cup isn't that far away, and the hierarchy of players could soon change. We're making predictions.


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