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Turn, shoot, score – every time


Place a mannequin 10-15 yards from the D, next to the receiver (aka ‘Zlatan’ – hair bun optional), with a defender five yards away on both sides. Three passers stand 20 yards deeper, at different angles to the receiver. Mark out a rectangular box around the D, slightly wider than the six-yard box.


‘Zlatan’ receives the 20-yard pass and turns to beat the mannequin, using only two touches, before shooting from inside the marked-out box. As soon he touches the ball, one of the two defenders tries to stop him scoring. Each ‘Zlatan’ gets nine attempts, three from each passer – see who scores most. Goals count only if the shot came from inside the box with no more than two touches taken in beating the mannequin.



The drill works a player’s first touch, close control, shooting accuracy and strength in holding off a defender.


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This drill was designed by Edu Rubio, MK Dons’ head of academy coaching. Follow @CoachEduRubio