1 November 2007
"Straight away, they think I'm a trouble maker..."
1 July 2007
"I actually still feel slightly ashamed for following my mates and becoming a Man U fan in the first place"
1 June 2007
It’s more exciting to be involved in relegation battles than go through the motions in mid-table"
1 April 2006
"If 5,000 away fans at Old Trafford want to stand up, how are 30 stewards going to stop them?"
1 February 2006
"We're in the entertainment business..."
1 January 2006
"As a professional actor, I wrote to the club to ask if they wanted me to create Chirpy as a character..."
1 November 2005
"The best thing is that you don’t have to queue for the toilet..."
1 May 2005
"Look mate, we had three leagues set up and running before Italy even existed..."
1 February 2005
"The Union Jack belongs to everyone - not to the BNP"
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