La Liga Loca

16 July 2014
FFT's Spanish expert, Tim Stannard, offers a helping hand to the Catalan giants about their new signing... 
15 July 2014
Madrid's insatiable appetite for glamorous midfielders may leave them unbalanced - or selling to the Premier League, says Tim Stannard...
11 July 2014
Due diligence dragging on throughout the summer and hampering rebuilding, says FFT's Spanish expert Tim Stannard...
9 July 2014
La Liga's 2014/15 season is six weeks away but the first axe has already fallen... 
7 July 2014
Diego Simeone is back in Madrid, just as some of Atletico's players leave - but they won't take away the club's ethos...
4 July 2014
Barcelona's bandana-clad revolutionary gives the thumbs-up to ol' chompy-chops...
3 July 2014
FFT's Spanish expert, Tim Stannard, assesses the day's headlines as the Champions League winners go on the prowl...
Diego Costa
28 February 2014
FourFourTwo's Spanish expert Tim Stannard looks ahead to the weekend ahead in La Liga, including a huge Madrid derby...
Schalke Real Madrid
26 February 2014
FourFourTwo's La Liga expert Tim Stannard on the mood in Spain ahead of tonight's Champions League tussle in Gelsenkirchen...
21 February 2014
FFT's Spanish correspondent, Tim Stannard, has a few posers ahead of this weekend's La Liga fixtures...


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