Dennis Wise, Callum Davidson
25 October 2018
Sunderland have already had to bin off two players for bad behaviour in 2018/19 – just like these clubs were forced to...
Alvaro Morata
1 August 2018
Good news for Alvaro Morata at Chelsea, Michael Keane at Everton and any other big-money transfer who struggled a bit last season: sometimes the second season can be a charm - as these players proved...
After an impressive season with Eintracht Frankfurt well-travelled Kevin-Prince Boateng has upped sticks again and joined Sassuolo.
Kevin-Prince Boateng acknowledged he was fortunate not to have conceded a penalty when Frankfurt beat Bayern Munich in Berlin.
Toto Schillaci
16 May 2018
Most surprise picks are underused and quickly forgotten, but they can occasionally define a tournament as Sean Cole recalls
19 November 2017
Kevin-Prince Boateng has called on authorities to do more than just stand behind slogans in a bid to combat racism.


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