Park praises Ferguson rotation policy

Manchester United midfielder Ji-Sung Park has praised manager Sir Alex Ferguson’s rotation policy.

The 30-year-old South Korean saw limited involvement in the early part of the season, but has now started United’s last three domestic games.

Park believes that Ferguson’s man-management experience and ability to get the best from a squad of players is a huge asset to the Red Devils.

“He knows how to encourage the players and use the players," he told the club's official website.

"Managers now don’t just use 11 players, they have to care about all the squad of 25 or more.

"He can’t make everyone happy because only 11 players play, but the other players have to give 100 percent of themselves for the club, and he can make them do that. That’s a great ability of his.

"He knows past and present things about football. He knows how things have changed in 25 years and he’s able to keep a high quality of football, so that’s why he’s enjoying it.”

Ferguson celebrated a quarter of a century in the Old Trafford dugout with a 1-0 win over Sunderland on Saturday.

By Ian Woodcock