19 October 2017
When the world is under threat from aliens (look, just go with it) and their Mourinho-led pals, there's only one crack team for the job. Well, apparently...
A top-secret meeting is being held to decide the future of the Premier League. Naturally, we sent 007 himself to spy on it for us...
26 September 2017
When Costa stops replying to WhatsApps, there's only one thing for it – sending Liam Neeson (aka Bryan Mills) and Cesc Fabregas on a wild goose chase to track him down. Here goes... 
18 September 2017
Continuing a new series on FourFourTwo.com, it's all kicking off in Westeros as the Great War looms. But who will fight for whom? 
Jack Bauer
5 September 2017
Here goes with a brand new series on FourFourTwo.com – kicking off with a frantic final 24 hours of transfer activity at Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and West Ham
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