1 August 2003
"Arsenal say I play like Dennis Bergkamp and the fans seem to think that as well"
1 May 2003
"In a perfect world, Arsenal might buy me back and I'll be wearing that famous shirt again"
1 December 2002
"I hold the ball up like Heskey, but I’d like to score a few more goals than him..."
1 November 2002
"Players like Junichi Inamoto and Edu were picked ahead of me no matter how they played, so when Spurs came in for me I jumped at the chance"
1 August 2002
"I've got my test soon: if I pass I'd like a VW Golf"
1 August 2002
"I started on the wing, but I decided to go upfront because that's where all the players who were making the headlines played"
1 August 2002
"I'm a garage MC. I've even got a little name: Juvenile"
1 April 2002
"If there's anyone I model my game on, it would be Michael Owen"
1 January 2002
"I loved Lee Sharpe. I wanted to be a left-footer because of him. I tried and realised I was right-footed"
1 July 2001
"I can't myself ever wanting to leave Newcastle: I've always loved Newcastle and always will..."


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