1 February 2006
"My heroes were Batman and Superman!"
1 February 2006
"I woke up on the way home from an away trip to Hull to find my face covered in Jaffa Cakes. I still haven’t found the culprit..."
1 January 2006
"I love to sing in my spare time, but I leave the rapping to Nigel Reo-Coker..."
1 January 2006
"I just can't drive. If you ask me again in 10 years I still won't be driving..."
1 December 2005
"I really enjoyed Purely Belter. It’s ?about two young lads ?who worship Alan Shearer – what could possibly be better than that?"
14 September 2005
"I would like to say I play like Thierry Henry, but I'm probably closer to Darren Huckerby..."
1 September 2005
"I don't drive yet, but I'll probably buy a cheap Fiesta, just in case I wreck it!"
1 August 2005
"Ben Thatcher's just crazy – you have to keep on eye on him at all times"
1 July 2005
"Alan Thompson gave a youth player £20 to wreck the physio's room, then told the physio and pretended he knew nothing about it"
1 February 2005
"If I hadn't been a footballer, I might have been a computer programmer"


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