ISI Photos-Jane Gershovich
4 May 2018
Portland-Seattle has developed into a legitimate NWSL rivalry. These are the games which pushed it toward that.
10 April 2018
As the league gets more ambitious and big-money MLS owners buy in, the founding “independent” owners are getting pushed out. How do they feel about that? We spoke with them about the power shift in the board room.
Photo: Utah Royals
6 December 2017
Originally destined for U.S. Soccer job after leaving Seattle, the coach's career was suddenly in limbo. Then, on a beach in Hawaii, her phone rang.
1 December 2017
'Pinoe' returned from a bad 2016 and looked like she turned back time in 2017 - for club and country. (Missed our No. 5? Click here to go back.)
ISI Photos-Daniel Bartel
7 November 2017
The Seattle Reign's first coach is departing after five years, potentially lining herself up for the USWNT job in the future.
26 October 2017
It's award season, but we're not messing around with the usual bland catagories when it comes to NWSL.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
13 October 2017
Round and round it goes, where it stops ... we'll have to wait and see this offseason.
4 October 2017
Big names in the running this year...
Jane Gershovich-ISI Photos
27 September 2017
It's renowned as one of the very best soccer markets in North America. So why is the women's pro team facing homelessness?
22 September 2017
We’ve looked at some of the weirdest and worst venues in MLS history; here’s a few more from other chapters of American soccer.


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