Raheem Sterling Manchester City
30 May 2018
It’s the English players who’ve commanded the highest individual transfer fees, from the £49m man to those who cost a ‘paltry’ £12m
22 May 2018
The all-time top-scoring players for all 26 letters of the alphabet, based on surname and goals scored in Europe’s elite competition. This is the real quiz!
Arsene Wenger
7 May 2018
A brain-tickling toughie for your Friday afternoons here: the first 50 men to be named in Wenger league XIs. Oof... 
Jurgen Klopp Champions League
3 May 2018
We're looking for the glory-hunting gaffers with the most Champions League wins since 1992/93
Sergio Ramos
4 April 2018
The most experienced – and prolific – players for each side left in the 2017/18 Champions League. How many can you name?
Ryan Giggs
29 March 2018
These evergreen old-timers were still doing their thing at the highest level of English football way into the twilight of their careers. See how many you can recall ...
22 February 2018
These players hail from the minnow nations of world football, yet that hasn’t stopped them making their mark on the Premier League…
16 February 2018
Just one dream job wasn’t enough for these 41 multitaskers, who have been both players and full-time managers in the Premier League
16 January 2018
From the Monkey Hangers to the Flying Donkeys via the Jam Tarts, it’s the amazing world of club nicknames. How many do you know?
20 December 2017
With the 2017 Ballon d’Or awards held in the same month that a former winner hangs up his boots, it’s time to test you on the players to finish first, second or third since the mid-90s 


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