1 June 2018
John Motta, president of the U.S. Adult Soccer Association, talks to FourFourTwo about the importance of growing the oft-overlooked adult game.
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1 June 2018
'¡GOOOOOL!' You know the call. Andres Cantor coined it. He's calling his first World Cup on TV in 20 years, at a unique time for soccer in the U.S.
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30 May 2018
Press' spurning of the Houston Dash and abrupt return to Sweden brought on déjà vu, but the USWNT forward's next club is one she knows has to be the right fit – and she's willing to search for it.
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11 May 2018
Stints in France and Columbus didn't work out for this former U.S. youth international. Now, Romain Gall is thriving in a less heralded league.
29 March 2018
The preeminent scholar of world soccer history talks with Graham Parker about Nigerian fan clubs, Liverpool food banks and a certain 2026 World Cup bid…
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
7 February 2018
Lori Lindsey is staying involved in the game after her playing career, including with her former club, the Washington Spirit, and as a voting member in the contentious U.S. Soccer presidential election. 
ISI Photos-John Dorton
31 January 2018
He lost the Championship playoff final but fulfilled his Premier League dream, anyway. He captained the USMNT in the shadow of its failure to qualify for the World Cup. It has been a roller coaster of late for Danny Williams.
24 January 2018
The USL is now a fully sanctioned second division, with a third division joining the pyramid in 2019. Just how big will the operation grow? FFT caught up with USL president Jake Edwards.
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19 January 2018
The president of the NWSL Players Association discusses the need for better communication between players and their league, and where women's soccer fits into the conversation around the heavily-debated U.S. Soccer presidential election.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
21 December 2017
Brad Friedel discusses his first professional club head-coaching job, the USMNT's recent failures and Tottenham's current form.
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