Feature Interview

20 September 2013
Jack Rodwell may owe a great deal to David Moyes but there'll be no place for sentiment this weekend, he tells Joe Brewin ahead of another hotly anticipated Manchester derby...
Jack Rodwell
6 September 2013
Manchester City's Jack Rodwell speaks to Joe Brewin about another fresh start, fierce competition in midfield and why he wasn't surprised about Roberto Mancini's departure...
26 August 2013
The Man Utd defender on retaining the title, taking on Chelsea and Scottish accents...
22 August 2013
After starting his campaign in style against Newcastle, Sergio Aguero chats to Andrew Murray about humble beginnings, "mad lad" Balotelli and another sizzling season ahead...
15 August 2013
FFT spends time with TV's newest pundit
1 March 2013
"We're Liverpool fans, we come from the area, we know what the supporters want and what it means to them when we play."
Fernando Torres takes touchline advice from Rafa Benitez
1 February 2010
"Rafa talks to me a lot about the position of my body..."
1 November 1999
"Winning a trophy doesn't mean anything to me after it's gone"


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