Edwin van der Sar
2 May 2018
Life began after three decades for these evergreen stars, remembered by Tom Seymour
Luca Toni
23 August 2017
Portsmouth to Real Madrid? QPR to Milan? Brazil to Boro? Kevin Stewart looks at the head-scratching player careers that follow precious little logic
12 February 2017
Former Italy striker Luca Toni claimed a car he was travelling in was attacked ahead of Verona's match at Avellino.
17 May 2016
Gonzalo Higuain's 36-goal Serie A campaign for Napoli sets him apart from Europe's top strikers, according to Luca Toni
9 May 2016
Italian striker Luca Toni and former Bayern Munich coach Louis van Gaal did not exactly get along at the Allianz Arena.
8 May 2016
Verona pulled off a 2-1 surprise win over Juventus as Luca Toni scored in his last game before his retirement.
4 May 2016
Luca Toni has confirmed he will retire from football after Verona's Serie A game with Juventus on Sunday.
22 March 2016
Luca Toni is confident Carlo Ancelotti will prove to be a shrewd appointment as Bayern Munich's next head coach.
20 February 2016
Luca Toni scored a rebound from a penalty before goals from Giampaolo Pazzini and Artur Ionita saw Verona edge Chievo in the derby.


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