Referee no-show forces postponement in Argentina

BUENOS AIRES - An Argentine third division game was called off on Sunday because nobody told the referee he had been to selected to take charge, officials and media reports said.

A club official said referee Ariel Montero was sleeping at his home, nearly 600 kilometres away, when worried colleagues called him two hours before kick off to ask his whereabouts.

The Clarin newspaper said that around 1,000 fans had travelled to see the game between Alumni de Villa Maria and Racing de Cordoba.

"The linesmen were in the hotel and Montero hadn't arrived and so they started to get worried," Alumni president Guillermo Morelatto said in a radio interview.

"They called his house and he didn't know anything. He was sleeping.

"Apparently, the Council (championship organisers) said that they hadn't told him. The assistants spoke to him and he said he hadn't been told. There was a mix-up."

Clarin said that Racing refused to accept a substitute official and the police would not allow the kick off time to be put back to give Montero time to arrive.