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Ten arrested after Sofia derby violence

"Several arrests were made at fans' homes between three and six o'clock in the morning as some of them were trying to hide," a police spokeswoman told Reuters.

Police forced 3,500 CSKA supporters out of Levski's Georgi Asparuhov stadium at half-time during the match on 26 Feruary and marched them to the city centre following serious troubles, in which 32 policemen were injured.

Fans broke the safety fences and pelted police with fireworks and other objects during the first half of the game which CSKA won 3-1.

Police said the arrests were based on video evidence and a fast-track system, set up to process cases of football hooliganism, would be used.

Sofia municipality has announced a series of measures to combat soccer violence, including a lunchtime kickoff for matches between Levski and CSKA.

Games between the two most popular clubs in the Balkan country will also be played only at the Vasil Levski national stadium, situated in the city centre.