Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
13 October 2017
Round and round it goes, where it stops ... we'll have to wait and see this offseason.
Wilf Thorne-ISI Photos
1 September 2017
They have the reigning world player of the year on their roster and enviable infrastructure behind them. So why can't the Dash compete?
Press Association
8 August 2017
Sometimes, you have to dream a little. Budgets are tight in NWSL, but these players would be welcome additions.
Wilf Thorne-ISI Photos
4 August 2017
After a terrible start to the 2017 season, the Dash is dreaming about playoffs.
ISI Photos-Stephen Brashear
3 August 2017
Goalkeeper diving headers, hat tricks and nine-goal thrillers. Are you not entertained?!
ISI Photos-Trask Smith
7 July 2017
Last season's NWSL awards were dominated by uncertainty. This year, the stars are out once again.
PA Images
16 June 2017
The USWNT captain won an FA Cup in a few months with Manchester City, and she won't close the door on a return.
ISI Photos-Robyn W. McNeil
1 June 2017
The next World Cup isn't that far away, and the hierarchy of players could soon change. We're making predictions.
ISI Photos-Roy K. Miller
30 May 2017
With results still lacking, the Houston Dash had little choice but to move on from its first coach.
ISI Photos-Trask Smith
25 May 2017
The NWSL draft in January makes it a challenge to finish school, but it's a necessity with still modest salaries.


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