10 October 2010
"I never joined the scouts, so there was never a Waddle woggle"
1 October 2008
"I worked in a sausage factory, so if I was playing badly I was having a ‘Banger’ or if I was playing well, I was ‘Sizzling’..."
6 March 2008
"I scored 11 goals during a school game once, but I was still subbed with 20 minutes to go..."
1 January 2008
"It's great to retire when you know your legs are pretty much f*cked"
1 January 2008
"Playing against Man United in the FA Cup was an amazing experience. I spent most of the game chasing shadows."
1 June 2007
"Despite walking from court an innocent man, The Sun got what they wanted in the end..."
1 January 2007
"Martin Laursen turned up at training sporting a 'rascal' jacket - truly amazing, it was!"
1 December 2006
"The craziest person I've come across? Let me tell you about John Moncur..."
1 December 2004
"When I was working in a sausage factory, he was one of the first players to catch my eye"
24 December 2002
“Bill Shankly said, ‘Tony Currie’s such ?a lazy bastard, I bet he lives in a bungalow’"


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