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5 June 2010
Jacques Chirac must have said something as he handed over the World Cup, but I was in my own little world..."
"Even if we’d won the Europa League, beating Juve would still have been the highlight. A ridiculous game, unbelievable."
18 May 2010
“It’s about making the spectacle for players and fans all the better and I’d recommend anybody to take it up and give it a go”
13 May 2010
"I’m pretty handy, although I’m not really one for slam dunks – I can only just about reach the net!"
13 May 2010
There were problems with the press, the usual supporters’ expectations...let's just say that it was a very unique and intense atmosphere"
7 May 2010
"Lionel Messi would be a nice player to come off the bench for the last 20 when the defenders are starting to tire"
6 May 2010
"If all players are fit for the World Cup we can beat all the teams..."
"I’m responsible for installing the professional era in Argentina..."
"Wash 'n' Go? I've got bags full of it, mate. The boys have never smelled so good"
19 April 2010
"Nah, I can't put myself in. Actually, yeah, sure I can - I was top scorer at Euro 2008!"


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