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28 July 2009
"I’m not having it. Deal or No Deal is just people guessing, it’s rubbish. Countdown is pure skill. I’d like to give it a crack..."
28 July 2009
"For three or four years at the end of the 80s, John was possibly the best player in the world..."
28 July 2009
"Quality, an eye for goal and a great brain. One of the greatest of all time despite being even shorter than me!"
28 July 2009
"Mining is like a religion and religion is part of mining..."
"Margaret Thatcher sent me a note basically saying: "F**k off"
1 July 2009
"A youth team match was called off and I didn't have enough money to get home. I had to go begging"
28 May 2009
"One of the best players ever produced by the Netherlands. Had a marvellous technique and goalscoring ability..."
"Why doesn't David Beckham buy Rotherham and build a team up? The kids would love to meet me and Barry"
1 May 2009
"He was a brilliant little player but a dirty little bastard. He kicked me in the leg I’d just come back from breaking twice..."
28 April 2009
"You can find a beautiful woman anywhere, but the average girl on the street is better in Montevideo..."


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