Mark Goldbridge: meet the Alan Partridge of Manchester United YouTube – “I take it as a compliment... just be who you are”

Mark Goldbridge Twitter YouTube

Mark Goldbridge is nursing a lager shandy in a pub near his Solihull home. He’s suffering from a bout of man flu. He doesn’t mention it, but I know because he announced it on my television last night – streamed from my phone – before embarking on a rant about Manchester United. How thoroughly modern.

He may not embrace the term ‘YouTuber,’ but that’s undeniably what he is, broadcasting his thoughts to the wider world as a presenter of The United Stand channel. That said, Goldbridge doesn’t really fit the clichéd YouTuber profile. He is, in the parlance, a grown-ass man, old enough to remember hooliganism, Teletext and Italia 90, and as such he considers The United Stand as the natural progression of a more traditional form of fan interaction. 

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