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26 June 2008
"When I was 14, I wasn’t growing so United held me back and made me play with the boys a year below me..."
26 June 2008
"I think that Rihanna is tops. I tell you, I wouldn’t mind sharing her umbrella..."
26 June 2008
"I was stuck in the back of a car for two hours with Edwina Curry... it was like being stuck with your mother-in-law."
3 June 2008
"It is a great regret of mine that I never played alongside Zidane, but only played against him. That was hard enough..."
1 June 2008
"Players used to take the mickey out of me, but it didn’t bother me because I could see that you wouldn’t still be playing at 40..."
31 May 2008
"Diego, for all Argentinians, is God. And he always will be.”
"There I was, dressed as Mavis, in goal, at Villa Park, letting in goals... 'What am I going to do? Ooh, I don’t really know!’”
27 May 2008
"I’m driving an absolute banger at the moment, but I’ve got an A5 on order. When that comes, I’m going to drive like a granddad..."
27 May 2008
"I scored a hat-trick against Rotherham and celebrated it with sandwiches and energy drinks on the coach home..."
"Someone will say: 'It’s you isn’t it? Martin Peters!' That’s quite odd, I’m much more handsome..."


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