10 October 2014
The former Tottenham, Arsenal and England star chats controversial transfers, scurrilous rumours, and his non-existent acting career with FFT's Charlie Ghagan...
29 July 2014
"At the moment, I don’t see any great young players in England..."
21 May 2014
Did Bobby Robson ever learn his name? Is he a secret Celtic supporter? And why didn't he receive a pig's head like Figo?!
8 April 2014
"I went to the side door of my house and see there’s a massive group of people, with hoodies and caps covering their faces. 'We’re the United boys, f***ing sign your contract,' they said"
27 March 2014
As far as bad ideas go, arranging to meet a former Premier League superstar for a chat inside one of London’s busiest tourist attractions on a scorching summer’s afternoon seemed like it would be right up there...
14 January 2014
"De Jong's tackle deserved a red card and three months in jail..."
1 December 2013
"I knew it was a goal straight away. I don’t want to dig out a lino or a ref, but that was so far over the line!"
Juan Seba Veron
14 December 2012
"Maradona called us to his hotel room: 'I have a present for you...'"
19 December 2011
"My tackling isn't that bad. If someone got me, I'd have it in the back of my mind who it was and I would bide my time to get them back"
1 September 2011
"My relationship with Fergie was good until we started to compete with them – then everything changed"


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