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Discover Knap’man compression shorts – scientifically proven to prevent and help heal groin and hamstring injuries

(Image credit: Knapman)

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When Max Kramer fell off his bike and broke his shoulder 11 years ago, little did he know how it would change his life for the better.

When he realised that none of the compression clothing he could find on the market was helping his recovery, he decided to adopt the old adage – if you want a job doing well, do it yourself. 

So, Kramer began to develop his own compression shirts, which proved so successful that two years later he was being approached by Eredivisie club Nijmegen. Concerned about the number of groin and hamstring injuries they were getting, the Dutch outfit asked him to develop some compression shorts which could help. 

And they did. Knap’man compression shorts proved so effective, in fact, that within a year every Eredivisie club had started using their popular 45% variant. In a later experiment with Bayer Leverkusen’s U19s, tests with 25 players using them resulted in no groin or hamstring injuries over a four-month period.


NEC Nijmegen players with the Knap’man compression clothing (Image credit: Knapman)

There’s more, too. Researchers at the universities of both Bath and Rotterdam approached Knap’man to perform independent studies on the effectiveness of the shorts, and concluded that they did indeed have a significant positive effect on groin complaints in footballers.

Today, half of Premier League clubs are using Knap’man products – the first and only scientifically proven compression shorts in the world, designed to both prevent and aid in the healing of injuries without limiting movement. Knap’man have also since developed a range for female players, as worn by the Netherlands’ national team on their way to the Olympics.

In general, it’s said that between four and 19 per cent of footballers suffer from groin injuries, which can often lead to frustratingly long spells out on the sidelines. So, after successfully introducing their technology to English football’s top clubs, Knap’man are now on a mission to help grassroots players across the nation with their own games. 

Developed in collaboration with top athletes, physiotherapists and sports physicians, the shorts’ patented and targeted zones provide maximum compression to key correct areas including the lower back, abs, quadriceps, groin and hamstrings. 

They’re available in 12+ colours to suit any club side, while built-in silver ions also offer antibacterial protection and fight unwanted odours – making you much more popular in the dressing room. 


(Image credit: Knapman)

The results speak for themselves. For more information on Knap’man’s revolutionary shorts, visit You can also find them on Instagram and Facebook.